Unknown Associates

Following 5 years as commander and chiefs of the Unknown Records’ mothership, and 4 years pioneering the now sought after south of Sydney party scene, Unknown Associates have gained a formidable reputation as Wollongong’s not first, but favorited fathers of rave facilitation.


‘Educate yourself in dance’ echoes the outer suburbs each and every Friday when the Associates step away from label release, A&R, artist and tour management; opening the doors to techno education as ‘Institute of Dance’ and its underground devotees delve deep into the early hours.


The Unknown Records family is a mixed group of artists and the Associates curated it to be just that, a diverse group of close friends providing a plethora of music over the years makes not only music acquisition a simple one, but finds them easily fitting any venue or environment. With over a half century of releases to date Unknown Records has many accolades including ‘2017 Record Label of the Year’ (Symphonic Distribution), leading the brand on national tours, support from the industries heaviest hitters and a family presence felt near and far.


This year, again, the Associates are loading up the club they call home with some of the best acts in biz, letting the Unknown sound be heard around the globe, and looking to the future.